The Coaching Profile

ok – this is just a simple disclaimer and explanation.. The site is new, the tool is new. Although it is based on an instrument that is decades old, and has been rigourously validated in many contexts.

The simple idea of the coaching profile – is actually – to build self-awareness. Self-awareness around both talents and strengths, but importantly also around what we could call blind spots, and weaknesses.

And also, my personal enthusiastic love of auto-psychotherapy. Self-therapy. I’m a massive fan of Dabrowski and his Theory of Personality Development (self-actualisation) through Positive Disintegration.

This is a sensitive, and powerful tool though. Which is why, at the moment, there is no automated ‘profile’ which gets sent to you. I look at every single person’s results. Manually.

At the moment, no-one really ought to find this, who hasn’t been sent here by me, or a close friend of mine, with my knowledge. If a random unknown person finds it, completes it – I may or may not reach out to them. Once the profile settles down, it will be a paid-for and private instrument. But for now, it’s free although not publicly known.